Stress is the response that all living beings have in face of events that present as real (being eaten or attacked) or symbolic (watch distressing images on the TV) that threaten them. The latter is only a threat to humans as no animal suffers stress when faced with the statue of its predator.

Stress is a short-lived response and prepares the body-mind unit to be safe either by fighting danger or fleeing from it.Once safe from danger, stress disappears and repair mechanisms come into play to recover the damage caused by stress. As you can see, stress is
thus a short-term situation.

In nature, the stress suffered from the animal quickly disappears as it feels safe from danger without any further significance.
When it comes to humans, however, life in society means that stress cannot dealt with the same way. As an example, a boss can make his employee feel stressed out. The latter simply cannot fight him off due to the risk of being fired, it cannot flee either because he would lose his job. So, what to do? Usually nothing. Body and mind unit which automatically prepares to fight or flee freezes. All the chemical substances that give to the muscles the strength and nutrients are not burnt out in the process become a cause of illness.

The sum of our undealt with stresses create lead to even more stress causing aches and pains and at times, illnesses. There are other ways to lessen the stress produced by the lack of action in face of fight or flight response; meditation is one of them along with many other practices of Eastern origin.

There have been many epidemics and plagues in the history of human kind, although today’s man faces stress as the new culprit for several deceases affecting mind and body. Furthermore, modern society is facing yet more health challenges such obesity, diabetes, hypertension, immune disorders, gastritis, muscle stiffness, reproductive problems, phobias, panic attacks, anxiety and other psychiatric pathologies.

Workshops, seminars and conferences

Workshops aimed at senior executives, management and directors of Bank Bankinter, Madrid, Spain.
Workshops aimed at senior executives and technicians for REPSOL-YPF , Madrid, Spain.
Workshops and training aimed at senior executives, management and directors of ESADE Business School, Madrid, Spain.
Workshops at Accenture, Madrid’s headquarters, Spain.
Workshop at Agama Consultancy, Madrid, Spain.

Conferencias y cursos en la sede social de la Asociación Aletheia, , Madrid, España.

Workshops aimed at the personnel of CRUZ ROJA, Spain in several locations such as  Asamblea Nacional de Madrid, Sede Provincial de Logroño, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Sta. Cruz de Tenerife, Lérida, etc.

Workshops aimed at senior executives and technicians for AENA (Management and maintenance of Spanish Airports)
Headquarters (Madrid). A Coruña Airport staff. Airport Control Centre at  Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid and Málaga) Palma de Mallorca and Sevilla Airport staff.

Workshops aimed at C- level executives at 3M and its VIP clients in Barcelona, Spain.
3M’s staff at its IT Centre in Málaga, Spain.
Training and workshop to the technicians of Diputación Provincial of Valladolid, Spain.

Conference “Stress and to improve the company’s overall health in the workplace” at Esade Bussines School, Madrid, Spain.

Reduce work place stress seminar aimed at risk analysts for APD (Asociación para la Empresa) Banco España, Compañía Aseguradora DKV, Caja Rural de C. Real, Endesa, Madrid, Spain.
Conference in stress at university level at Campus Universitario de Cuenca, Spain.

Workshop organised to train health practicioners and support staff at Consejeria de Sanidad de la Comunidad Autónoma de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain.

Workshop for members of the Institute Fay for Multisensory Stimulation. Madrid, Spain.
Conferences in stress related illneses at Centro de Psicoterapia Gestalt, Modena, Italy.

Workshops and training aimed at senior executives, management and directors of Caja Rural de C. Real, Spain.
PHYSIOTHERAPY AND PSICONEUROINMUNOENDOCRINOLOGY” Seminars at Universidad de Castilla La Mancha aimed at medical, nursing and physiotherapy students,Spain.
“Psicoinmunoendocrinology“ Seminars for doctors at Universidad de Valencia, Spain.